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Welcome to Blondie's Bake Shop.  We're a little bakery with big ideas tucked away amongst the small businesses of Centerport, NY.  At Blondie's Bake Shop we consider ourselves a fusion of hip, young enthusiasm and classic, old school recipes polished to perfection.
All of our baked goods are created with care and baked in small batches with fresh, seasonal, and wholesome ingredients.
Swing by for a coffee and breakfast on your way into work or let us take care of the dessert table, favors, or cake at your next big event!


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The Little Blonde Shop and I began our adventure together in 2011. However, in hindsight, my passion for baking and all things dessert seeped its way into most corners of my life without me realizing it from very early on.

Growing up in walking distance from Huntington Village I lived for evenings when the weather was nice enough for an after dinner walk with my family that, if I begged incessantly enough, meant a pit stop at the local pastry shop for a delicate little tart or two to savor on the walk home.

In elementary school, my grade’s medieval fair gave me the opportunity to research and portray, not the sophisticated lady in waiting, or supremely cool archer, but rather the king’s official food taster. The food taster… checking meals for poison for someone else was preferred to a role that didn’t involve food at all. The love for carbs runs deep.

All through college I baked for roommates and read Bon Appétit Magazine with the same enthusiasm and attention my friends were giving Cosmo and Vogue. At the end of my collegiate experience I turned my senior thesis in to my advisor accompanied by a box of “A” shaped cookies meant to sweetly hint at the grade I thought most appropriate.

I’m sure it's no surprise that the job I got in high school and kept for 13 years was at a local bakery and the fact that as a teacher many of my lessons were food centric just seems right. Cupcake math, anyone?

You get it. I adore all things baked and sweet. Perhaps even more, I adore what they can mean. Whether it’s the centerpiece of a grand event or a few bites quickly taken on the way to meet the school bus, a sweet treat is a moment or two of plain and simple delight. Big or small, dessert is a celebration and I’m always up for a party… as long as there’s cake.

xoxo, jess

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